Ableton Live, Part 1

I first started using Ableton Live Lite when I purchased my Novation Launchkey 61 a few of years ago in 2017 when it came packaged with the keyboard. I was hooked straight away. I already had a copy of FL Studio 12 (Fruity Loops) at the time which I had been dabbling with for a while. I found it quite good and enjoyed creating with it but I have to say when I started using Ableton Live it was a game changer for me. From that moment when I first started using it I knew that I would have to get the Standard edition which I did at a cost of £207 on 22 Dec 2017 !! It immediately opened up so many more options to me. For example I now had 5 instruments instead of 4, 1800+ (10GB) Sounds instead of 1500+(5GB), 34 Audio Effects instead of 21 but most importantly I went from 16 Audio and Midi tracks to UNLIMITED !!!!!! I mean you have no idea the elation I had when I loaded Standard on my computer for the first time and suddenly I could create as many tracks as I wanted. There were other differences too such as 256 audio inputs and outputs instead of 8 etc etc. 2018 was a very creative year for me and I had countless hours of fun with my DAW. Of course that wasn’t enough because by now I had heard of things live Wavetable, Sampler, Convolution Reverb, Echo and a whole host of other audio effects, software instruments and packs that Standard didn’t have. You guessed it, I had to have Ableton Live 10 Suite, it was the only way to go. Finally in January 2019 I bought Suite for £269, which is a lot of money to me, and finally I was in heaven! More in my next post when I talk about my year of discovery with Ableton Live Suite.

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