So there I was with a huge bank of sounds, instruments, tracks and effects plus Max For Live and Plug-ins but where do I start. At first it was a bit overwhelming to be honest.  I had craved this and suddenly I had it and had absolutely no idea what to do with it lol. I guess in a way that’s fairly natural especially if you’re just an enthusiastic amateur like me. But features like Max For Live which I knew very little about are a huge subject and facility to master on their own.

I decide in the end to YouTube myself to near death in an attempt to increase my knowledge and skills. Day after day searching for more and more info about every aspect of Ableton Live 10 Suite. Of course the only problem is that for every decent YouTube video on a subject there are probably about 20 really rubbish ones but you have to watch them or part of them to find this out. 

Anyway after a period of learning a topic and applying it to a riff or sample tune my skills did start to improve, even at my age, I suddenly knew what ‘sidechaining’ was and ‘warping’ and loads of other useful features that can make track sound so much more professional and that was great. Two years on and I’m still learning, my music has changed and become a mix of live keyboard and guitar together with lots of samples, drumbeats and natural sounds which I love to use. My journey continues and every day i feel so lucky that I can sit down in my little home studio  and create something totally original that belongs to me !!!! 


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