Pics and Poems

I do other stuff as well as music like art. On this page I will be adding some examples. Do you have art that you would like me to display here for you? If so get in touch it’s free !!!!

Did this on 11/05/2020 using the free program Autodesk Sketchbook. Love the program and it gave me a chance to use my sketchpad which I’ve had for a while but never used. Hope you like it 🙂

I like doing stuff that’s a bit more abstract too, this was done on Photoshop.

My Ode to C Sharp

If I play the C sharp scale, it will, without fail
Send a shiver down my spine and I’m fine
All the black notes and a couple of whites
Can elevate your music to dizzying heights

Clocks by Coldplay or Sacrifice by Elton John
Or maybe Ed sheeran’s I See Fire is the one
Holocene by Bon Iver is a reviver or
How about Robert Crays Survivor

C sharp will help you through the day
It’s a tonic without medicine in a way
It heals the soul and feeds the heart
It’s better than a strawberry tart.

Nuff said

Life's A Blur

Life’s a blur but there’s remnants of me out there.
Traces of my life in the cracks of time like cosmic dust and by design.
Ray ‘was here’ painted in invisible ink which can’t be erased if it can’t be seen.
People think of me and I think of them, I don’t know where and I don’t know when.
Reflections of our interactions, memories of times gone by, I’ve left thoughts in your mind that will never die.
My life had consequences, my actions had cause and effect.
Can’t you see ? I’m not a hologram I’m really me.

Beauty and Light

Don’t deny me the right to see a world of beauty and light
Don’t immerse me in a world of constant night
Don’t subdue my senses or dull my brain
Don’t subject me to unending pain

Do give me back the innocence of youth
Do open my eyes to see the truth
Do give me delight in nature’s awe
Do gently guide me through the door

I didn’t ask to be born and I don’t ask to die
I didn’t ask to live a lie
I didn’t want to feel such pain
I didn’t think I’d love again

I do see innocence in the eyes of a child
I do see pride in a mother’s eyes
I do feel love when I see you smile
I’ll be back in a while, I’ll be back in a while.


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