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Dedicated To
My Aunty Mary

I dedicate this to all the
victims of Covid 19

In and out of
the cave

A short walk through
the Cosmos 

Calm and
peaceful track

Drone footage
of Glencoe

Short, sweet
and cinematic. 

A beautiful day
at Stevenston shore

Dedicated to
Finley Bo

Finley Bo

Messing about
on a Saturday night

Messing about
on a Wednesday night

Dedicated to
my daughter Leona

Men at

Created in 2019
using Ableton Live

My first
meditative piece

This track was created in Ableton Live 10 Suite and was a bit of a departure at the time from my ‘normal’ stuff’. But there’s a bit of guitar and keyboard in there too.

A short respite from the storm.

Although not about her, or us, I wrote this one for my beautiful wife of 42 years Wilma.

This one is about my dad in the last days of his life. I’m quite proud of the lyrics for this although the singing’s not great lol.

Wrote this one for my beautiful granddaughter Izzy when she was 2. More dodgy vocals lol.

This was the first song that I put on SoundCloud 7 years ago. I love it, but then I would !

Did this 3 years ago, I think it was the first orchestral piece that I did. 

Another short piano piece

Created in Ableton Live 10 Suite, trying to develop my meditation music.

Another early vocal track 

Not me this one, features a wonderful brief moment in time that I managed to capture.

Short and sweet snippet 

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