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I wrote in 2014 to my amazing grandson Finley Bo. It has been a source of great pride and pleasure since. One day I will vary the second half lol. 

This is my most recent addition. This also features Finley Bo who is now 8 and is narrating an old Native American prayer.

I literally was just messing about on a Saturday night (also 6 years ago in 2014 ) and this appeared. There’s lots of faults with it and I’m not really a piano player but I love it. It has been used in a well produced US travel vlog here’s the link if you wish to watch

On the same theme, this appeared out of the blue a year ago in 2019, not improved much as a piano player though lol.

Did this in 2019 and dedicated it to my daughter Leona. I love it and she quite likes it 🙂

Started thumping a few keys one day and ended up with this. The beat just reminded me of miners thumping away at a rock face.

Did this in 2019 in Ableton Live 10 Suite.

I love this, did it two years ago and was a bit experimental at the time for me but I really enjoyed creating it.

This track was created in Ableton Live 10 Suite and was a bit of a departure at the time from my ‘normal’ stuff’. But there’s a bit of guitar and keyboard in there too.

A short respite from the storm.

Although not about her, or us, I wrote this one for my beautiful wife of 42 years Wilma.

This one is about my dad in the last days of his life. I’m quite proud of the lyrics for this although the singing’s not great lol.

Wrote this one for my beautiful granddaughter Izzy when she was 2. More dodgy vocals lol.

This was the first song that I put on SoundCloud 7 years ago. I love it, but then I would !

Did this 3 years ago, I think it was the first orchestral piece that I did. 

Another short piano piece

Created in Ableton Live 10 Suite, trying to develop my meditation music.

Another early vocal track 

Not me this one, features a wonderful brief moment in time that I managed to capture.

Short and sweet snippet 

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